6 Tips to Getting Your Vacation Rental Ready for the Holidays

Summer is over. The kids are back in school. We can hear a collective sigh of relief across the country. Now is a great time to start thinking about…the holidays!

WHAT?! Yes, you heard us right. Because if you own a vacation rental property, you know you need to think about the next influx of travelers. The holidays are usually a big time for vacation rentals. Whether guests are looking for warm beach destinations or a warm and cozy seasonal home-away-from-home, the holidays are a perfect time to play up your vacation rental property. And now is the right time to begin to think through your strategy.

Minimum Stays

You will want to think seriously about imposing a minimum stay length, especially during the holidays. To keep your rental consistently booked and to avoid scrambling to make it ready for another short-term rental, you want to avoid a guest who only wants to book for a night or two or who leaves your property on Christmas Eve, only to leave it unrented for Christmas. Consider, also, the guest who may only want your home for only New Years’s Eve. A party? Do you want to take that risk? Even if you normally don’t impose a minimum stay at other times of the year, you may want to consider it during the holidays to avoid issues that might not be easily resolved during and between guest cycles during this time of year. Three-day minimums including the day before and during the holiday are usually a safe bet to weed out potential issues.

Special Rates

If your vacation home is a traditionally well-traveled destination for the holidays, you will want to consider special rates for this time of year. Be aware of what your competition charges and understand what the market will bear. You want to be competitive yet not short-change yourself.

Local Information

Be sure to supply your guests with local holiday information such as holiday events and performances and popular eateries that may offer special holiday meals. You may want to put together some holiday travel bundles or partner with local businesses to offer discounts. You will also want to offer guests a comprehensive list of local holiday religious services.


Make sure your vacation home is equipped with enough supplies so your guests will be able to cook a holiday meal, if necessary. This time of year brings out the holiday chef in guests. Make sure you have sharp knives, a roasting pan, pie plate, cookie sheets, large cutting board, a platter, serving dishes, etc. If your kitchen comes up short, it will show in your reviews. Before the holidays come, evaluate your kitchen and make sure it is up to the task.

Holiday Decor

One of the most fun parts of the holidays is the decor. But keep it very simple. Your guests may or may not celebrate Christmas so you don’t want to go overboard. Simple accents and lighting will go a long way toward making your guests feel at home for the holidays without scaring others away.


Having the aid of a professional Airbnb management company can help you get through the holidays as stress-free as possible. At Five Star, let us handle the technicalities while you enjoy your holidays.

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