Improve Your Income By Knowing Your Niche!

If you own a vacation rental, you understand what a large investment it is. To make it a viable income producer, you want to run it with a business mindset. As the vacation rental industry booms, it’s more important than ever to know how to make sure your property stands out from the competition and up your game.

Know Your Market

You should know your market and know what they are looking for in a rental. Appealing to everyone may or may not be your best bet, especially if your rental will appeal to a specific demographic. Is your property a beach getaway? A hip urban loft? A kid-friendly house? Are your visitors looking for a fly-fishing or a resort experience?

It makes financial sense to target this visitor and capitalize on the things that will make your home popular with them. Watering down your property to appeal to everyone will often make you blend in with the crowd. Is your rental pet-friendly? Family-friendly? Sports-enthusiast friendly? Highlight it in your listing and center your amenities around that market.

Know What Your Market Wants and Give it to Them

Once you understand your market, offer what these guests will want as amenities. It’s more important than ever to anticipate the expectations of your guests and offer more than they are expecting. You already know that your guests will expect comfortable beds and fast WiFi. But what can you offer proactively to your guests that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and differentiate your property? Do you offer bunk beds, toys and separate play areas for families with children? What about proximity to the coolest coffee bars or nightlife for urbanites? Discount ticket availability for the most popular local attractions? Play it up in your listing.

Show Them, Don’t Tell Them

Professional photos are worth much more than words. Having professional photos on your listing are worth their weight in gold. There is no better way to make your listing shine. Period.

Share Generously

Put as much information as possible in your listing about where to go and what to do without going into overload.


You want to make sure that your listing is getting in front of as many of your given demographic as possible. It’s not enough in this market to just put your listing on a national vacation rental website and cross your fingers. Today, there are many vacation rental platforms where savvy travelers look for vacation rentals. You want to be on as many of the important, well-searched ones as possible. Owning a vacation rental that produces a viable income can be hard work. Having a management company can exponentially reduce the hassle and offer resources that the individual owner may not have access to. Having the skill of a professional can help you stand out from the crowd and reduce your stress as an owner. Five Star is here to help with consistent and professional Airbnb property management.

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