Make Your Vacation Rentals Wheelchair Accessible And More

If your vacation rentals aren’t wheelchair accessible, you should prioritize updating them. Making your vacation rentals more accessible is a great way to bring attention to your rentals, and it allows anybody to stay at your place with ease. Five Star Property has some pointers for you when it comes to making your vacation rental more accessible. Try implementing some of these features in your vacation rentals to make them wheelchair accessible and more.

  • An easy way to identify annoying or problem spots in your vacation rental is to spend a regular day and night in it. Take note of the issues you spot and then head to the department store to attend to them.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space to move around. More than 40 inches away from the wall and other objects is best for people with walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Regarding your entertainment options, make sure the TV and other devices have closed captioning turned on.
  • An accessibility feature for deaf people is to find a vibrating doorbell or alarm system. Alternatively, you could invest in an alert system that flashes the house lights.
  • For visually impaired people, ensuring your interior is well-lit is essential. You can buy under-counter lighting, floor lighting, or fluorescent tape on the steps.
  • If your property is slightly elevated, consider installing a ramp to the front door.
  • It’s nice to have non-slip surfaces, hand grips, and grab bars in the bathroom. If you have the money, perhaps invest in a roll-under sink walk-in tub, bath seats, or a handicapped-accessible shower.

Everyone Is Welcome

More than a few wheelchair-accessible features in your vacation rentals will make them stand out. To get more ideas for your vacation rental, visit our website at Five Star Property. Five Star Property has homes available in the USA, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Specifically, we have outstanding properties in Colorado and Indiana. Head to our website or call us at 310-902-4133 to find out more.

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