The Benefits of Smart Technology for a Vacation Rental Property

Smart technology is everywhere now but is it right for your vacation rental? Automation can be a great thing when it comes to streamlining the short-term rental experience. Let’s look at some of the ways it can make your — and your property manager’s — life easier.

Keyless Entries

When was the last time you were given a metal key at a hotel? Precisely! Metal keys can be duplicated with a quick trip to your local hardware store. Will your guests feel safe when they know that there may be duplicates of their key out there? Would you? Keyless entries offer your guests the availability of not having to stop by an office to pick up a key or drop one off. The lock code is a unique one and changes after each of your guest’s visits. Property managers also find that keyless entries are particularly helpful, especially when a guest inadvertently gets locked out.

Text Notifications

Today, when a guest happens to arrive early, advanced systems can notify them via text or email when the property is ready to be occupied. The lock code can then be activated earlier. This way, your guests can get on with their plans and don’t have to sit around waiting for the property to be readied.

Regulating Temperature

Smart thermostats offer convenience and the ability to control air temperature with the touch of an app. This can be very compelling for an owner who would like to keep costs down while their rental is unoccupied or even when it is occupied and the guests exceed specified temperature thresholds. Of course this should be regulated responsibly. Your guests should have control of the thermostat when they are occupying the rental. You or your manager should only override this if your guest continuously ignores the rules and only after you have contacted your guests personally to ask that they address the problem.

Customer Service Responsiveness

After your guest has arrived, wouldn’t it be nice for an automated message to be sent asking if everything is as they expected? If there are any questions or concerns? This makes your guests feel more connected to the experience and allows for real-time feedback now that they are actually there.

Systems Benefiting Property Managers

Managers can now benefit from advanced systems that can give them the real-time occupancy status of the property. These show arrivals and departures via special lock codes and can automatically send alerts to the housekeeping staff once the code is activated. They can also adjust thermostat temperatures to a designated comfort level for a new guest or an energy-saving temperature if the property is going to be vacant.

Automation or Person-to-Person?

While it may be great to have a person waiting for your guests to arrive to show them around and answer any questions, there are many guests who find it equally intrusive as they want to begin their vacation as soon as possible This is when automation can actually humanize the experience. When used responsibly, automation can help enhance your guests’ experience while giving them their privacy. Automation is a fact of life today. Why not let it make your life easier with your short-term rental?

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