Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental Friendly To Kids

Bringing your kids with you on vacation is a great way to forge new memories. So it’s essential to ensure some of your vacation rentals are safe and welcoming for children of all ages. It’s one of the many ways how you can maximize your vacation rental experience. Five Star Property has some ideas that can elevate your vacation rental for your family. Here’s how to maximize your vacation rental for children and families.

  • Make sure there is a crib for babies. But don’t stop there. Try to include things such as storybooks, nightlights, and other things that will help an infant settle into sleep.
  • Try your best to soundproof an infant’s room too. Parents are going to want to relax without having to worry about their child waking up and crying. Soundproof panels and plenty of blankets and pillows can help.
  • It’s nice to include a list of nearby emergency services, take-out food, and kid-friendly attractions like theme parks and museums in the area.
  • Designate one of your rooms as a play area if you have the space. This is a great way to contain a mess and clean up quickly. Place things like toys, video games, board games, and other toys here.
  • If you have a backyard, ensure it’s groomed, and sharp objects are not found in the grass or mulch area. As a bonus, include some safe and fun outdoor toys and games like bag toss, soccer ball, etc.

Kids Are Welcome

This is a great way to get you started on how to maximize your vacation rental for kids and families. For more ideas or information, visit Five Star Property for more details. Five Star Property has homes available in the USA, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Specifically, we have outstanding properties in Colorado and Indiana. Head to our website or call us at 310-902-4133 to find out more.

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